South Asian American Association, Inc.


The South Asian American Association, Inc. (SAAAI) was founded in 2000 as part of a comprehensive effort to recognize the commitment, dedication and contributions of our people in this country. Our primary objectives are:

  • To promote higher education in the field of Science & Technology
  • To attract talents to the field of Science & Technology
  • To establish scholarship funds for deserving, less fortunate students doing post-secondary and post-graduate schooling.
  • To organize and promote events that will facilitate greater opportunities for less privileged South Asian Americans.
  • To promote financial aid to charitable, educational and scientific organizations having a tax exempt status in the U.S.
  • To raise, collect and receive funds, grants, endowments, bequests and property.
  • Collaborating with and supporting other entities which engage in the development of the South Asian community


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